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April 12, 2016 9:07 am  #1

TBF-QM-58 Queen Mary’s Empress Marie Feodorovna Sapphire Bandeau

58. Queen Mary’s Empress Marie Feodorovna Sapphire Bandeau

   Field argues that Queen Mary purchased this “small V-shaped tiara with a large sapphire” from Hennell and Sons, following the death of the Empress Marie Feodorovna in 1929.[1] She was subsequently photographed wearing it on occasion.

   Field further states that upon her death in 1953, Queen Mary bequeathed this tiara to Queen Elizabeth, who despite never wearing it publicly, loaned it to Princess Margaret on numerous occasions in the 1950s.[2]

1. Field, p. 106
2. Ibid.


August 20, 2016 11:50 am  #2

Re: TBF-QM-58 Queen Mary’s Empress Marie Feodorovna Sapphire Bandeau

58. Queen Mary's Empress Marie Feodorovna Sapphire Bandeau

   The valuations prepared by the senior partner at Hennells, Mr Hardy, of the 76 jewels from the late Dowager Empress's jewel casket, does not list this small sapphire and diamond tiara.[1] However, Queen Mary could have purchased it privately from Grand Duchess Xenia and Grand Duchess Olga.

  The valuations show that Queen Mary bought four pieces of jewellery: "a pearl and diamond collar with sapphire and diamond clasp", "a pearl and diamond twist brooch", "a cabochon sapphire and rose diamond long brooch", and "an oval cabochon sapphire and diamond oval cluster brooch".[2]

1. William Clarke. "How the Dowager Empress's Jewels Survived a Revolution". Kejeserinde Dagmar Empress of Russia: An exhibition about the Danish princess who became Empress of Russia. (Copenhagen: Christiansborg Palace, 1997) pp. 344-351
2. Ibid., p. 342


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