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April 13, 2016 12:09 pm  #1

TBF-QM-27 The Cambridge Emerald Bangle

27. The Cambridge Emerald Bangle

   Field argues that the emerald and diamond bangle, set with two oval emeralds, contains two of the Cambridge emeralds, and “was part of the original parure”.[1] Queen Mary wore this bangle often with the rest of the Delhi Durbar Parure, including to the Delhi Durbar in 1911.[2] However it unclear whether or not it was inherited by The Queen in 1953, with the rest of the Cambridge Emeralds, as she has never worn it in public.

1. Field, The Queen’s Jewels, p. 93
2. Roberts, The Queen’s Diamonds, p. 170 (RCIN 2917139)



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