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March 17, 2015 9:36 pm  #1

Royal Jewels of Malaysia

I'll edit/update this as I go with pictures and links to more information and so on. I'm not that creative with many of the feel free to add suggestions in the comments. Some of the pics I have are just taken from the internet, so I'm not 100% certian on the copyright. I've also just started a blog, so will be putting some further details there for some of these over time which I can also link too. Feel free to chime in. start 

Gendik Diraja (royal tiara) Order of Splendor
Kalung Diraja (royal necklace) Order of Splendor
Mahkota Kerajaan Johor (Crown of Johor) Malaysian Royalty
Mahkota Permaisuri Johor (Diadem of Johor) Malaysian Royalty
Johor consort diamond tiara, necklace and chain Malaysian Royalty
Johor palm tree tiara
Sultanah Zanariah’s petite point tiara
Sultanah Khadijah’s circle brooches
Sultanah Khadijah’s large leaf brooch
Raja Zarith Sofia’s main (wedding) tiara
Raja Zarith Sofia’s gold foliage tiara
Raja Zarith Sofia’s kokoshnik style tiara (pearls?) and pearl neckalce
Raja Zarith Sofia’s emerald tiara and demi-parure
Raja Zarith Sofia’s ruby demi-parure
Raja Zarith Sofia’s four strand diamond necklace and earrings
Tengkolok Diraja (royal headdress)
Gendik Diraja Kedah (royal tiara) (new)
Gendik Diraja Kedah (previous version)
Sultanah Haminah’s diamond demi-parure (earrings, necklace, bracelet, brooch, rings)
Sultanah Haminah’s diamond fringe necklace
Sultanah Haminah’s diamond bow brooch
Sultanah Haminah’s diamond earrings
Sultanah Haminah’s amethyst necklace
Sultanah Bahiyah’s diamond necklace
Sultanah Bahiyah’s coral and gold necklace
Mahkota Tuanku al-Sultan Kelantan (Sultan’s crown)
Tanjak Diraja (royal headdress)
Gendik Kelantan (tiara)
Tengku Anis’ “Rundell” tiara
Tengku Anis’ emerald demi-parure
Tengku Anis’ diamond demi-parure (necklace, bracelet, earrings)
Tengku Anis’ diamond bow and emerald drop necklace
Tengku Anis’ diamond necklace
Tengku Anis’ large rose brooch
Tengku Anis’ gold floral brooch
Tengku Anis’ sapphire bow necklace
Tengku Anis’ sapphire butterfly brooches
Tengku Anis’ turquoise set (necklace, bracelet)
Tengku Zainab’s convertible three circles tiara/necklace
Tengku Zainab’s fringe necklace
Tengku Amalin’s emerald demi-parure
Tengku Amalin’s wedding necklaces
Negeri Sembilan

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