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April 12, 2016 9:04 am  #1

TBF-QM-59 Queen Mary’s First Diamond Collet Necklace

59. Queen Mary’s First Diamond Collet Necklace

   This diamond collet necklace was presented to Queen Mary on 27 February 1892.[1] It had originally been purchased by the Prince and Princess of Wales (later King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra) as a wedding present for Queen Mary on the occasion of her marriage to the Duke of Clarence. Following his premature death, it was presented to her on what would have been her wedding day. Re-reading her diary from that time in 1947, she "...felt compelled to add that the kind  ‘Uncle Wales’  & ‘Motherdear’ gave me a beautiful diamond rivière of diamonds which they had destined for me as a wedding present...”.[2]

   Queen Mary subsequently wore this diamond necklace to her wedding to the Duke of York in 1893,[3] and was photographed wearing it often in official photographic sittings in the early years of her marriage, when it remained her only diamond collet necklace.[4]

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