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May 3, 2016 10:43 am  #1

QEII-31 The Queen’s Vanguard Rose Brooch

This message #1 was written by Boffer pre-2013.

31. The Queen’s Vanguard Rose Brooch

   This brooch was presented to The Queen on 1 December 1944 by Lord Aberconway, the Chairman of Messrs John Brown & Co.[1] This brooch was presented following the launch of HMS Battleship Vanguard, which was The Queen’s first solo engagement that she carried out when Princess Elizabeth.[2]

   This brooch is illustrated in various publications,[3] and is described by Young as “an antique diamond flower brooch with a bow set at the base of the stem”.[4] It is worn occasionally by The Queen.

   It should also be noted that it was HMS Battleship Vanguard that transported the Royal Family to South Africa for the tour that they undertook in 1947.

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