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August 3, 2018 7:49 pm  #1

The list of Princess Diana's most important jewels

Dear all,
I am very confused by what is written on the net or gossips magazines about the extend of the collection of the jewels worn and owned by Princess Diana.
Consequently, I have decided to publish my list (from the site Diana jewels, from there, my own information) of her most important jewels (not her daily jewels).
Indeed Prince Harry will be married in a few days. Therefore, the jewels will be probably divided between the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle. - therefore it was the time to share my list.
It is obvious that her collection was not so huge - compared to many european/american/asians collections - Consequently the press is wrong about this. Her collection couldn"t not be valued also of dozens of millions of euros at the time of her death - it is a nonsense.
We have also to bear in mind that she had borrowed many jewels from her Majesty QEII and her own family.
However, I am convinced that she had many jewels she had not worn in public.
We have also to bear in mind that that all the jewels given by the royal family reverted back to them at her death (terms of the divorce ) (Exemple the emerald choker, the CLK tiara, the Prince of Wales feathers' emerald pendant brooch...)
Therefore, all the jewels given by QEII and QEQM returned to the royal family. Consequently, the emerald choker or the sapphire and diamond brooch will not be worn by MM as these jewels will remain in the main branch. For example, the emerald choker was at an exhibition at BP.
I would like to give this list to the royal magazin.
Last but not least, it makes sense to me that the emerald and diamond bracelet will be worn by MM as it was an wedding present from PC (as the Duchess of cambridge was given the engagement present).
I also do think that the two small diamonds set the engagement ring of MM are from a small sapphire and diamond ring worn by Princess Diana. She wore the ring after her wedding during several years. This ring had a personal meaning for Princess Diana.
According to Leslie Field, Princess Diana had/wore : 155 pairs of earrings, 70 necklaces, 15 brooches, 54 bracelets, 14 watches and 20 rings.
According to Andrew Morton the collection of jewels was estimated at $ 2 000 000 in 1990 (theirs is the Kingdom - from an estimation made by Harry Winston).
Tiara :
The Cambridge Lovers’ knot tiara
The spencer tiara
1.         The Frances Skand-Kydd diamond necklace (Worn once)
2.         The diamond necklace on loan from Collingwood jewellers (worn twice)
3.         The graduated diamond flower cluster necklace – Maybe a loan from QEII – Worn once
4.         The King Khalid of Saudi Arabia necklace – Loan from QEII - worn once in Australia
5.         The King Faisal of Saudi Arabia necklace – Loan from QEII - worn once in Australia
6.         Large sapphire and diamond brooch converted in a necklace (wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother)
7.         The Saudi Arabian diamond and sapphire suite (necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring and a watch) made from Asprey (Wedding gift from the Crown prince of SA) (Estimated at $ 404 000)
The diamond and sapphire cluster link bracelet worn once at a charity gala in September 1996 was made from the watch and the ring (Discovered by Beth)
8.         Sapphire and diamond velvet choker/ Sapphire and diamond choker – made from the sapphire ring (new choker worn only once) + the watch + oval sapphire -worn with the old choker)
9.         The Oman sapphire and diamond suite (necklace, earrings, bracelet and mostly a ring) – Given during the state visit to Oman in November 1986 (stimated at $ 451 000)
10.       The diamond and sapphire tassel necklace – Gift from The Amir of Qater in November 1985 – later broken up in two pairs od sapphire and cabochon and diamonds bracelets
11.       A sapphire and gold necklace with the Prince of Wales feathers as a pendant from the National Association of Goldsmiths and designed by Lexi Dick ; earrings to match (Wedding gift)
12.       The Queen’s four pearl row choker (worn once and loaned by QEII also worn by the Duchess of Cambridge)
13.       The six-row pearl choker with a large pearl surrounded by diamond + earrings (mostly on loan from QEII – worn twice)
14.       The pearl and diamond spencer drop necklace (a Loan - Worn once)
15.       Lady Sarah McCorquodale five-strand pearl choker (a loan - worn once)
16.       The swan Lake pearl and diamond necklace + earrings ( on loan – worn once (should have been bought))
17.       The double strand pearl, gold and diamond bead necklace with a central diamond heart (bought by Princess Diana in 1982)
18.       The Saudi Arabian ruby and diamond demi-parure (comprising a necklace, earrings, bracelet and mostly a ring). She only wore the earrings in the 90’s sometimes with the pearl drop from the colling (from the rjow) (Estimated at $ 318 000)
19.       A seven-strand pearl choker with diamond and ruby spacers (worn since 1989)
20.       The ruby and diamond linked necklace + earrings worn before her wedding – On loan from her family
21.       Ruby and diamond necklace worn only once in Venise (June 9, 1995) Said to be on loan
22.       Diamond and emerald art-deco chocker + Diamond and emerald art deco bracelet as a wedding gift + earrings (gift from prince Charles) + an emerald ring also a gift from Prince Charles.
23.       Emerald and diamond demi-parure (necklace and earrings) worn only once in 1991 at BP
24.       An amethyst and diamond demi-suite (worn with pearl necklace in the 1985’s – comprising a necklace, earrings and a bracelet, mostly a gift from Prince Charles)
25.       A large amethyst and diamond cross pendant (a loan from Garrard – worn once)
26.       The Gold choker with pearl fringe and multi-gemstone necklace from the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Jordan (Including a central emerald, turquoise, amethyst, coral, pearl and diamond) (Never worn in public)
27.       A set of jewellery crafted from coral and gold from the heir Apparent of the State of Qatar (Consisting of a necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring)
28.       An unknown gold disk with stones + diamond motifs worn once in 1985 (maybe part of the ruby and diamond necklace)
29.       A necklace with a centrals stone - The necklace has no stones but raw gold (gold nuggets?) in gold frame hanging from a blue silk cord. -ship launching present - The present was paid by Wärtsilä shipbuilding company, made by Tillander and given by the president (never worn in public) + a bracelet (Information from Margot)
30.       A jade necklace and earrings from the oil Tycoon Armand Hammer (never worn in public)
31.       The black velvet choker with a sapphire and diamond floral brooch as a centrepiece (Worn once)
32.       Black beads and diamonte stars demi-parure (comprising a necklace, earrings and a bracelet) (Worn on least 2 times)
33.       The diamond (fake) ribbed collar necklace (with earrings, bracelet and a ring) worn on least 3 different times
The Swiss Federal republic’s watch
A diamond evening watch from the Sheikha of the United Arab Emirates (transformed in choker) (Price on market 700 000 euros !!!!!) Maybe the most important jewel in the collection of Princess Diana - The watch is a LADY KALLA by VACHERON CONSTANTIN (From Maridje)Princess Diana received "Lady Kalla" watch as a wedding gift. At the time it was the most expensive watch ever made by Vacheron.
The single-edition Lady Kalla was designed for Diana, Princess of Wales, and given to her as a wedding gift from a secret Arab sheik.
Carved from 18-carat white gold, the watch was made of 108 emerald-cut, perfectly matched diamonds, with 26 more on the dial, adding up to 30 carats of diamonds with 3,172 facets. It cost $500,000.
Source: the book "Time in Gold" by Viola and Brunner"
A sapphire and diamond watch (gift which was presented to her at the 1983 International Spring Fair in Birmingham – never seen in public)
A diamond bracelet
A double row of ruby and diamond bracelet (worn once with a brother)
The ruby bracelet from the quintet (Loaned once by QEII in 1983)
A sapphire and diamond link bracelet (wedding gift – worn in US in 1985 at the white house)
A sapphire and diamond bracelet worn in 1981
A double row of sapphire bracelet worn for the wedding of the duke and the Duchess of York in 1986
A sapphire, diamond and gold bracelet worn in Wales in 1981 (for her first speech)
A seven-row bracelet with vertical bar spacers
A five-row pearl bracelet with a diamond flower clasp (wedding gift from the UAE ; sapphire, diamond and pearl sautoir/necklace )
A triple-row pearl and diamond spacer bracelet (now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge – bought be Princess Diana in 1989)
A pearl and diamond cluster link bracelet (worn for the Saudi state visit in June 1981)
A gold and diamond verdura double crescent bracelet
A tiffany 5 row signature series bracelet witch matching earrings
A huge gold bracelet
The queen’s pear drop earrings (on loan from QEII –worn once)
The Bahrein pearl drops earrings (on loan from QEII – worn once)
A pave-set button earrings – diamonds
A sapphire and diamond chandelier earrings (worn once)
Double cluster sapphire drop earrings (maybe made by from the Saudi suite)
A sapphire and diamond drop earrings
A diamond and south sea pearl earrings
Amir of Qatar diamond and pearl dangle earrings (estimated at $ 40 000)
Collingwood diamond and pearl dangle earrings
Yellow gold and diamond pearl dangle earrings (worn once in 1997 – maybe fake)
Yellow gold and pearl dangle earrings (worn once at the show of the coliseum in 1996)
Round diamond with round pearl underneath earrings
Emerald surrounded by diamonds earrings worn only once in October a gala concert at Brangwen Hall Swansea in October 28, 1981. Mostly on loan from QEII
Diamond and sapphire engagement ring (estimated in 1981 at $ 30 000)
Emerald and diamond ring – Gift from Prince Charles (above)
Emerald and diamond ring - Loan from QEII - worn once - from Leslie Field
A floral cluster diamond ring with a Bostwana stone (2 carats) from Prince Charles
Diamond eternity ring
Emerald-cut aquamarine ring (Worn by Meghan Markle)
Topaz blue oval and diamond ring
A huge pearl and diamond ring
A ring with two pearls
Sapphire cabochon and diamond ring
A coral ring from a demi-parure (listed above)
A sapphire and gold ring from a demi-parure (liste below)
A small emerald ? ring
Signet ring (Gift from Prince Charles)
+ 2 cartier trinity rings
The Prince of Wales feathers’ diamond and emerald pendant (engagement present from Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother – Return to the vault and maybe worn by the Duchess of Cornwall)
A diamond flower brooch (Gift from her friend Adrian Ward-Jackson) (worn on least 4 times)
A huge diamond bow brooch (Maybe a loan from QEII – Worn once)
A pearl and diamond brooch (worn once in Jakarta in 1989)
A butler and Wilson snake brooch
A maltese cross brooch – worn once
A diamanté star brooch – worn twice
small brooches :
- A diamond brooch from the Government and People of Canada
- Perth and Kinross District Council brooch with cufflinks and tiepin
- Royal crown derby brooch and earrings from the City of Stoke on Trent
- Edwardian plaid brooch from Scotland
- Royal regimental of Canada brooch
- A hand painted locket from Ascension Island brooch
- A gold and Lapis Lazuli brooch from Canada
- A gold camel brooch with 3 diamonds (gift from Jane Sarginson)
Others :
Aquamarine and diamond demi-parure (comprising dangle earrings, a bracelet worn once at Cannes in France and an other aquamarine and pearl bracelet (mostly a wedding gift, and a ring made from Asprey in 1996)
A set of sapphire and gold comprising an open cuff bracelet with two sapphires + earrings + a sapphire and gold ring
Books :
1.         From Menkes:
A glittering watch from the Sheikha of the United Araba Emirates. More jewels came from the president of Seychelles, from the General Kenan Evren and from the King and Queen of Tonga
2.         From Leslie Field:
A pearl necklace with a sapphire and diamond clasp a wedding gif)
3.         From The Princess of Wales by Jayne Fincher:
“The Saudi Arabian Royal Family presented two suites of jewels to the Princess of Wales as a wedding gift. One of the sets includes many of sapphire and diamonds pieces we so often” From various documents 300 uncut diamonds were given by the King Khalid of Saudi Arabia as a wedding gift
Last but not least she might have received jewels as wedding gifts from the following :
Bahrain (a dhow boat)


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