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April 2, 2016 9:20 pm  #1

TBF-QEQM-11 Queen Elizabeth's Turquoise Parure

11. Queen Elizabeth’s Turquoise Parure

   This parure of turquoise and diamonds was made by Garrard around 1900,[1] and was given as a wedding present to Queen Elizabeth in 1923 by King George V; it consisted of “a long necklace with a number of graduated pendant drops, matching pendant earrings, hair ornaments, a large square brooch and a high oval tiara”.[2] It can thus be seen illustrated in The Times, alongside some of Queen Elizabeth’s other wedding gifts.[3]

   The tiara had a small band of diamonds across the top, when it was displayed amongst Queen Elizabeth’s wedding presents; however this had been removed by the time Queen Elizabeth was pictured wearing the full parure.

   The tiara features in Munn’s Tiaras, and is described as a “beautiful jewel that incorporates the lamps of love, triumphal laurels and true lovers’ knots”.[4]

   Queen Elizabeth, despite wearing the tiara and necklace rarely, was photographed wearing the brooch often. During one photographic sitting, she can be seen wearing the brooch pinned to her shoulder, and the earrings hung as pendants from strings of pearls.[5]

   Queen Elizabeth subsequently gave this parure to Princess Margaret as a 21st birthday present in 1951,[6] who was photographed wearing it occasionally.[7]

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