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March 26, 2016 2:31 pm  #1


Queen Mary

1.    Queen Mary’s Ladies of England Necklace/Tiara            
2.    Queen Mary's County of Surrey Necklace/Tiara                
3.    Queen Mary’s Greek Tiara                            
4.    Queen Mary's Richmond Brooch                        
5.    Queen Mary's Love Trophy Collar                         
6.    Queen Mary’s Queen Victoria Wedding Gift Necklace/Tiara        
7.    Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara                            
8.    Queen Mary’s Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara            
9.    Queen Mary’s Dorset Bow Brooch                        
10.   Queen Mary’s Boucheron Loop Tiara                    
11.   The Delhi Durbar Tiara                        
12.   Queen Mary’s Emerald Bandeau                        
13.   Queen Mary’s Town of Windsor Ring                
14.   Queen Mary’s Iveagh Tiara                            
15.   Queen Mary’s Diamond Feather Aigrette                
16.   Queen Mary’s Warwick Sun Brooch        
17.   Queen Mary’s Lady Mount Stephen Necklace
18.   Queen Mary’s Ladies of Devonshire Earrings
19.   Queen Mary’s Kensington Bow Brooch
20.   Queen Mary’s Pearl Stomacher
21.   Queen Mary’s Women of Hampshire Brooch    
22.    The Delhi Durbar Necklace, and Cullinan VII Pendant
23.    The Delhi Durbar Stomacher
24.    The Delhi Durbar Earrings
25.    The Delhi Durbar Bracelet
26.    Queen Mary’s Ladies of India Carved Emerald Brooch
27.    The Cambridge Emerald Bangle
28.    The Ladies of India Emerald Choker
29.    The Cambridge Emerald Brooch
30.    Queen Mary’s Art-Deco Emerald Bracelet
31.    Queen Mary’s Town of Swansea Crescent Brooch
32.    Queen Mary’s Kapurthala Stomacher
33.    Queen Mary's Diamond Stomacher
34.    The Cullinan III and IV Brooch
35.    The Cullinan V Brooch
36.    The Cullinan VI and VIII Brooch
37.    The Cullinan IX Ring
38.    The Cullinan Necklace
39.    Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Tiara
40.    The Vladimir Tiara
41.    Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Brooch
42.    Queen Mary’s Diamond Bangles
43.    Queen Mary’s Bombay Diamond Solitaire Earrings
44.    Queen Mary’s Mackinnon Diamond Solitaire Earrings
45.    Queen Mary’s Cluster Earrings
46.    Queen Mary’s Floret Earrings
47.    Queen Mary’s County of Cornwall Ruby Bracelet
48.    Queen Mary’s Ruby Cluster Earrings
49.    Queen Mary’s Sautoir
50.    Queen Mary's Chain Link Bracelets/Collar
51.    Queen Mary’s City of London Necklace
52.    Queen Mary’s Wedding Gift Pearl Ring
53.    Queen Mary’s Diamond and Pearl Necklace
54.    Queen Mary’s Large Diamond and Pearl Stud Earrings
55.    Queen Mary’s Russian Wedding Gift Brooch
56.    Queen Mary’s Empress Marie Feodorovna Brooch
57.    Queen Mary’s Empress Marie Feodorovna Collar
58.    Queen Mary’s Empress Marie Feodorovna Sapphire Bandeau
59.    Queen Mary’s First Diamond Collet Necklace
60.    Queen Mary’s Garter Bar Brooch
61.    Queen Mary’s Forget-Me-Not Aigrette
62.    Queen Mary’s Diamond and Pearl Honeycomb Collar
63.    Queen Mary’s Diamond Anchor Brooch
64.    Queen Mary’s Pearl Cluster Bar Brooch
65.    Queen Mary’s Double Pearl Heart Brooch
66.    Queen Mary’s Baroque Pearl Brooch
67.    Queen Mary’s Pearl Collar
68.    Queen Mary’s Pearl Bracelet
69.    Queen Mary’s Pearl Bar Brooch
70.    Queen Mary’s Five-Row Pearl Necklace
71.    Queen Mary’s Ladies of the Stage Brooch
72.    Queen Mary’s Diamond Peacock-Feather Brooch
73.    Queen Mary’s West Yorkshire Regiment Rose Brooch
74.    Queen Mary’s Marquise Diamond and Ruby Ring
75.    Queen Mary’s Pink Topaz Pendant Brooch
76.    Queen Mary’s Diamond Pendant
77.    Queen Mary’s Conch Pearl Pendant Brooch
78.    Queen Mary’s Pearl Clover Brooch
79.    Queen Mary’s Pearl Lozenge Tiara
80.    Queen Mary’s Diamond Filigree Tiara
81.    Queen Mary’s Laurel-Wreath Tiara
82.    Queen Mary’s Small Diamond Collar
83.    The Cambridge Sapphire Parure
84.    Queen Mary’s Turquoise Parure
85.    Queen Mary’s Enamel Maple-Leaf Spray Brooch
86.    Queen Mary’s Amethyst Parure
87.    Queen Mary’s 1937 Coronation Brooch
88.    Queen Mary’s Diamond Scottish Brooch
89.    Queen Mary’s Diamond Collet and Laurel-Wreath Motif Bandeau
90.    Princess Helena’s Diamond Corsage Brooch
91.    Queen Mary’s Small Floral Tiara
92.    Queen Mary’s Framed Diamond Drops Brooch
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