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March 28, 2016 11:32 am  #1

TBF-QV-1 Queen Victoria's Bracelet

1.  Queen Victoria’s Bracelet

   In 1838, Queen Victoria commissioned Rundell to dismantle a Garter belonging to George IV, various pieces of Hanoverian Insignia, and other redundant jewels, and the stones were used to create this bracelet.[1] Roberts suggests that this may be the bracelet that was delivered to Queen Victoria on 22 September 1838, and was catalogued as a “Bracelet Band of 5 rows”.[2]

   This bracelet, being made from family stones, was included in the inventory of the jewels designated as heirlooms of the Crown, compiled in 1858, in which it was described as “A large brilliant bracelet of five square foliage pieces”.[3]

   The bracelet was subsequently worn often by Queen Victoria. It can be seen in the official photographed released for her Golden Jubilee in 1887;[4] and it was worn by her to the Duke and Duchess of York’s wedding in 1893, photographs from which were later released as the official Diamond Jubilee portraits in 1897.[5] This bracelet was again included in the more comprehensive inventory of Queen Victoria’s jewels in 1896;[6] and upon the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 it passed to Queen Alexandra, who wore it on occasion.[7] Later it passed to Queen Mary, following the death of Edward VII in 1910.[8]

   It then subsequently passed to Queen Elizabeth in 1936, following the accession of George VI and was worn frequently by her.[9] Roberts describes the bracelet as being “composed of five square foliage-pattern sections, partly pavé-set, the larger brilliants in open-back collets”.[10] It is also noted by Roberts that this bracelet now includes a “later extension”; however, no record survives indicating when this alteration took place.[11] Roberts argues that it did not pass to The Queen until the death of Queen Elizabeth in 2002;[12] however, there is pictorial evidence showing that The Queen has worn this bracelet occasionally since the mid-1960s.[13]

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Re: TBF-QV-1 Queen Victoria's Bracelet

Queen Victoria’s Bracelet

Queen Victoria

Queen Alexandra

Queen Mary

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II


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