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March 28, 2016 1:16 pm  #1

QV fragments only

Fragments only

3. Queen Victoria's Wheat-Ear Brooches
Upon her accession in 1837, Queen Victoria inherited a set of six wheat-ear ornaments

4. Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee Necklace
It has been noted that the crown on the top of the central quatrefoil is detachable.

5. The Coronation Necklace
(Previously referred to as ‘Queen Victoria's Collet Necklace’).
This was made in 1858, to replace Queen Charlotte's necklace that had been lost of Hanover.
It used 28 stones.
Queen Mary removed two large stones to use as earrings in 1911, (these were thus replaced by 3 stones from Queen Adelaide's Collet Necklace); it thus contained 29 stones.
However, in 1953, The Queen shortened it from 29 stones to 25 stones.
Marsden, p. 310
Field, p. 54

6. The Coronation Earrings

7. The Coronation Solitaire Earrings

8. Queen Victoria’s Chaine de Corsage

9. Queen Victoria’s Fringe Brooch

10. Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown

11. Queen Victoria’s Regal Circlet
Munn, pp. 79-82

12. Queen Victoria’s Oriental Circlet
Marsden, p. 316
Field, p. 138
Munn, p. 90
QV painted wearing it, by Stephen Catterson Smith the Younger, in 1854. (Commissioned by the Corporation of Dublin to mark her visit, now in Mansion House, Dublin).

13. Queen Victoria’s Opal Suite
Now containing rubies

14. Queen Victoria’s Albert Sapphire Brooch
Marsden, p. 309
Field, pp. 145, 150 and 151

15. Queen Victoria’s Pendant Pearl Earrings
Field, p. 121

16. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Pearl Brooch

17. Queen Victoria’s Diamond and Pearl Brooch
Field, p. 110

18. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Sapphire Brooch

19. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Necklace

20. The Crown Pearls

21. The Lahore Pearls

22. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Cockade

23. Queen Victoria’s Pearls
Unclear if Charlotte’s pearls with cluster ring clasp, or made from brooch QV was presented as Jubilee present

24. Queen Victoria’s Pearl Button Brooch

25. Queen Victoria’s Turkish Diamonds

26. Queen Victoria’s Emerald Parure
Tiara, necklace, earrings, cluster brooch; cabochon chandelier earrings, cabochon corsage brooches

27. Queen Victoria’s Ruby Strawberry Leaf Tiara

28. Queen Victoria’s Ruby Bracelet

29. Queen Victoria’s Ruby Brooch

30. Queen Victoria’s Aga Khan Pearl Tiara

31. Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Coronet

32. Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Necklace

33. Queen Victoria’s Sunray Tiara

34. Queen Victoria’s Cat’s Eye Brooch

35. The Duchess of Kent’s Amethyst Demi-Parure

36. The Duchess of Kent’s Fringe Tiara

37. Queen Victoria’s Albert Garter Bracelet
Marsden, p. 69
Roberts, p.72

38. Queen Victoria’s Albert Miniature Bracelet
Marsden, p. 60
Field, p. 10

39. Queen Victoria’s Garter Bar Brooch
Marsden, p. 322

40. Queen Victoria’s Orange Blossom Parure
Marsden, p. 335
Munn, p. 93

41. Queen Victoria’s Turquoise Eagle Brooch
Marsden, pp. 336-337
Munn, p. 93
Field, p. 158

42. Queen Victoria’s Children’s Miniatures Bracelets
Marsden, p. 340
Field, p. 10



August 27, 2016 5:06 am  #2

Re: QV fragments only

3. Queen Victoria's Wheat-Ear Brooches

Queen Victoria - 1896 - wears the brooches along the neckline of her dress

Queen Elizabeth - July 1938 - wears one of the brooches on her sash

QEII - wears two of the brooches in a traditional brooch setting

QEII - has, on occasion,  worn the brooches less traditionally as hair clips



September 21, 2016 4:52 am  #3

Re: QV fragments only

Does any one have a picture of the duchess of Kent fringe tiara


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