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April 12, 2016 9:30 am  #1

TBF-QM-51 Queen Mary’s City of London Necklace

51. Queen Mary’s City of London Necklace

   This diamond necklace, made by Garrard,[1] was presented by The Corporation of the City of London as a wedding gift to Queen Mary in 1893. It was presented to her at York House, by a deputation from the Corporation, on 7 October 1893.[2]

   This necklace has never been illustrated or seen worn; its current whereabouts are unknown.

1. The Times, 10 June 1893, p. 7
2. The Times, 18 September 1893, p. 10


September 9, 2016 5:33 pm  #2

Re: TBF-QM-51 Queen Mary’s City of London Necklace

The gift made to Queen Mary on the occasion of her marriage in 1893 by the City of London was a diamond and pearl collar. It is variously described in the media as a diamond and pearl necklace or a diamond and pearl collarette.
Initially, the media spoke of a diamond necklace or collarette. At a later stage it was reported that it would cost the Corporation  one thousand pounds. It was made by Garrard Jewelers.

Following the presentation of the gift to the then Duchess of York on 7 October 1893 several media outlets reported that it was a diamond and pearl jewel. Below are just a few of those reports.

The Graphic 14 October 1893

The Morning Post  9 October 1893

The Sunday Times 8 October 1893

The Penny Illustrated  14 October provided a sketch which suggests to me that the gift was a collar or choker.

I believe that the jewel in question was Queen Mary's diamond and pearl collar. She was photographed wearing this from the earliest years of her marriage. Below is a photo from 1896

Queen Mary continued to wear this jewel on many important occasions, and Pope Hennessy, Queen Mary 1867-1953 p. 430 quoted from her dress book for the Coronation year (1911) that, for the fourth and last court of the season, she wore the "City collar between rows of diamonds".

In 1911 with the Delhi Durbar tiara and some of the smaller Cullinans.

With the Cambridge emeralds and the Delhi Durbar tiara.


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