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February 27, 2015 12:06 pm  #1

Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Following is a list of Crowns and Tiaras worn by QEII.
HM has many other tiaras "in the vaults" which will no doubt be a subject of another list.
I have segregated this topic into 2 sections
    (i) Crowns and Tiara Currently Worn and
   (ii) Crowns and Tiara Previously Worn.
My inital list will be just that. I may edit the list to add interesting facts etc.
If any one has such a fact and would like it to accompany the list please let me know and I can edit and add.
Also, if you have any better pictures and will gladly swap them out.  I have tried to find pictures that show off the jewlels to thier best.


Front - showing The Black Prince's Ruby (spinel) and The Second Star of Africa

Back - showing St. Edward's Sapphire (in the monde cross) and the Stuart Sapphire (set along the base)

Queen Victoria                            Edward VII                               George V                         George VI                        Elizabeth II

(1)  The Imperial State Crown (ISC) includes 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 5 rubies
(2)  The ISC contains (since 1909), at its front center base, the Second Star of Africa - the name given to the second largest (317.40 carats) of the nine numbered finished stones cleaved from the famed Cullinan Diamond - the largest gem-quality diamond ever found (3,106.75 carat rough weight). 
The Second Star of Africa, together with the First Star of Africa, can (and has) also be worn as a brooch.


(1)  The George IV State Diadem (aka The Diamond Diadem) was made in 1820 for the 1821 coronation of King George IV and contains 1,333 Diamonds and 169 pearls. 
(2)  The center of the front cross contains a pale yellow diamond weighing approximately 4 carats.


Original version

(1)  In 1957 QEII had this tiara made to match a suite of aquamarine and diamond jewels (a necklace with pendant and matching drop earrings) presented to her by the President and people of Brazil in 1953 to mark her coronation.
(2)  The original version of the tiara featured the base surmounted with three vertically set aquamarines.
(3)  In 1971 HM had the tiara substantially remodelled by adding four aquamarine and diamond fan/scroll ornaments made from a jewel given to her by the Govenor of São Paulo, Brazil in 1968.  The central upright element was also replaced with the large, original necklace pendant (which was changed for a smaller stone).
(4)  QEII is the only person to have worn this tiara.


(1)  This tiara was made by Garrard & Co. in 1973 at the request of QEII from stones already in the Queen's possession.
(2)  The tiara consists of 5 ruby rose elements using 96 rubies set in gold.  The rubies were a gift from the people of Burma for her 1947 wedding.  In Burmese culture, rubies were believed to have protective powers and each of the 96 rubies would help to protect for the 96 diseases believed to affect humans.
(3)  The diamonds used in the tiara were taken from another wedding present - the Nizam of Hyperbad Tiara (see below).  The Nizam tiara was dismantled (except for 3 diamond rose elements) and these diamonds were set in silver to create the Burmese tiara.
(4)  QEII is the only person to have worn this tiara.


Without the lozenge base

(1)  This tiara was presented to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck (later Queen Mary) on the occasion of her 1893 marriage to the Duke of York (later George V) from money raised by the ‘Girls of Great Britain and Ireland’ – hence the name.
(2)  The tiara was supplied by R.&S. Garrard & Co. and can be worn as a necklace or a coronet.
(3)  The tiara was originally surmounted by 14 large oriental pearls (13 of which were later used by QM for her new Lover’s Knot Tiara – see below)
(4)  QM replaced the pearls with 13 brilliant-cut diamonds taken from the County of Surrey Necklace/Tiara – another of her wedding gifts.
(5)  The lozenge-patterned base can be separated from the upper tiara and worn as a bandeau.
(6)  In 1947, QM presented both the upper tiara and lozenge base to her granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth of York (later QEII) on the occasion of her marriage.
(7)  QEII reunited the two pieces in 1969.
(8)  QM and QEII have worn this tiara.

Original - with Pearl Drops

With Emerald Drops

"Quiet" - No Drops


(1)  HM added this tiara to compliment the sapphire suite that was given to her by her father as a wedding present in 1947. 
(2)  The tiara was once a necklace belonging to Princess Louise of Belgium (1858-1924), who was the daughter of King Leopold II and the wife of Prince Ferdinand Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.  Here is a picture of Princess Louise wearing the (then) necklace.

(3)  QEII is the only person to have worn this tiara.





ST. EDWARD'S CROWN - worn by QEII only once - at the time of her coronation
St. Edward's Crown - view of the front

St. Edward's Crown - view of the back

Interesting facts:
There were 444 foiled stones set in the Crown in 1911 including:
27 tourmalines, 37 white topaz, 3 yellow topaz, 12 Cape rubies, 7 amethysts, 6 sapphires, 1 carbuncle (a cabochon garnet),
1 peridot, 2 jargoons (zircons), 1 spinel ruby, 1 garnet, 345 rose cut aquamarines

Worn once for the 1937 Coronation of her parents King Goerge VI and Queen Elizabeth




THE "BORROWED TIARA" borrowed from Lord Plunket when HM's was damaged

AND FINALLY...just to show how special the previous items are....HM's less formal headwear (and probably her most comfortable)


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March 2, 2015 6:30 pm  #2

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Thank you for this clearly organised list Bryce, and for the superb photos which show the various crowns and tiaras in their best light. This will definitely be one of the enduring resources of the board.

Could I suggest one small change, please. You have described The Queen's sapphire tiara as the Geoge VI sapphire tiara. As The King did not give Her Majesty that jewel, I wonder if it might not be better if another description was used.


March 2, 2015 6:57 pm  #3

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Beth, could you suggest a title for that sapphire tiara.  I don't have the right references at hand just now.


March 3, 2015 3:37 am  #4

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Thanks Beth, a wise observation. 
I called it that because HM had it made to compliment the George VI sapphire necklace suite, but you are quite right in that this could be misleading.
Therefore I have changed it to the Modern (1963) Sapphire Tiara which seems to be a well used name for this piece.
I included the "(1963)" becasue the term 'modern' is a relative one and, while 1963 is by no means ancient, it may not be considered all that modern anymore either.
If someone has a better, in-use name, I will be happy to update for it.

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March 3, 2015 2:03 pm  #5

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Thank you Bryce and Nellie,
I have no idea what it should be called. I have always thought of it as QEII's sapphire tiara. The necklace from which this tiara was made is not modern;  it is nineteenth-century,  although I believe that it was HM who mounted it on a tiara frame.


March 8, 2015 11:02 am  #6

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Hi Beth the sapphire tiara when it was a necklace belonged to Princess Louise of Belgium (1858 - 1924) when she was young. Nellie I am not sure if this is the right place to put these pictures but here is a very clear pic of the Sapphire tiara & the only one I could find of the necklace being worn by Princess Louise.


March 8, 2015 2:26 pm  #7

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

I was wondering if we can call it Windsor Sapphire Tiara, because she acquired it while queen.  This is only one I came up with that didn't sound silly or crazy.


March 8, 2015 7:30 pm  #8

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Thankyou for your sugestion PJ it is not up to me, but on the whole sounds quite a reasonable idea ie the Windsor Sapphire Tiara, it would be nice to know what The Queen calls it? Sorry about the really clear picture of it, it worked after quite a while on tinypic but didn`t seem to come through to this site, maybe too many pixels or whatever??
                                              regards Annie


March 9, 2015 4:33 am  #9

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Thank you for your suggestion PJ - I have changed the name to the "Windsor Sapphire Tiara".
I have also edited the list to swap-out some better picture as provided by Nellie and Deltaville.
As well, I have added a few "Interesting Facts" for a couple of the items.  I will try to add some whenever I can. 
If you have any facts that you think others might find interesting, let us know through a post and I will edit the list to include it.

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March 9, 2015 8:54 am  #10

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Thankyou Bryce this list looks to be coming together very well, I will enclose a picture of the back of the Imperial State Crown showing the Stuart Sapphire if you think it appropriate for your list.  What section should be made for tiaras owned by the Queen but worn by other Royal ladies such as the Cartier Halo tiara & Papyrus or Lotus Flower etc..
Also I was thinking it might be nice to see some pictures, where other people have worn tiaras worn by the Queen such as Diana, Princess of Wales in the Cambridge & Sophie, Countess of Wessex wearing the "Canada Aquamarine" to go together with your pictures of the Queen wearing these tiaras.
                                                 Best wishes Annie

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March 9, 2015 10:26 am  #11

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Thanks Annie - I have added the back picture of the ISC.
As for your other suggestions- I think they would be perfect for new list unto themselves as I think they will have substantial content.
Maybe you could start a new list entitled "Tiaras Owned by QEII but Worn by or Loaned to other Royal Ladies" and a different list entitled "Tiaras worn by QEII but Also by Others".
Even if you start the list off with a couple of examples, people will hopefully add to it and then we can compile a complete list and eventually post it to the Gallery section as a resource and reference.


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March 12, 2015 3:44 am  #12

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Just a quick question....are the arches on the Imperial State Crown removable like those on the various crowns worn by the queen consorts?  I'm sure they probably aren't, but wanted to pose the question for a definite answer.


March 12, 2015 7:59 am  #13

Re: Crowns and Tiaras of QEII

Hi Windsorfan,
I believe that the arches are removable as they are removed for cleaning.  I am pretty sure you can see this being done in one of the documentaries (maybe “Elizabeth R” (??))
As well, they have been remodeled over the years.  The arches were lowered for QEII’s coronation in 1953 to make the crown more feminine.

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