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May 2, 2016 2:44 pm  #1

QEII-47 The Queen’s Carved Ruby Brooch

This message #1 was written by Boffer pre-2013.

47. The Queen’s Carved Ruby Brooch

   This modern and original brooch is described by Field as “a modern gold free-form shape, set with seven carved rubies”.[1] This brooch was made by the fashionable jeweller Andrew Grima, using old Indian carved rubies. Prince Philip purchased it from stock in 1966 and presented it as a gift to The Queen.

   The Queen this wears this brooch occasionally, most notably for her Christmas broadcast in 2007.

1. Field, The Queen’s Jewels, p. 138


May 5, 2016 9:42 am  #2

Re: QEII-47 The Queen’s Carved Ruby Brooch

47. The Queen's Carved Ruby Brooch

  "This brooch formed part of a collection of jewellery which The Council of Industrial Design chose as a contender for the Duke of Edinburgh's Prize. Subsequently, [Andrew] Grima was the only jewellery designer to be awarded The Duke of Edinburgh Prize for Elegant Design, which was established in 1959 and given to a designer of 'a contemporary design in current production distinguished by its elegance'. Grima, who trained as an engineer, was subsequently awarded The Queen's Award for Industry and the Royal Warrant"[1] in 1966, the same year he opened his shop on Jerymn Street.[2]
   The brooch is approximately "...two inches wide, with brilliant-cut diamonds set in platinum and carved rubies set in [irregularly-carved] gold."[3] The rubies came from an Indian ornament.

    Andrew Grima made over 100 pieces of jewellery for the Royal Family, some of which were commissions for diplomatic gifts.[4] His jewels are owned by The Princess Royal and Princess Michael of Kent[5], while the late Princess Margaret had many of his unique pieces, such as the lichen brooch which was sold at the auction of her jewels.[6] He also designed the wedding gift for Crown Princess Margarethe given by the British Royal Family[7] and the starburst brooch given to Madame George Pompidou by Queen Elizabeth during the Queen's 1972 French state visit.[8] Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother also placed orders with him.[9] The late Princess of Wales is also said to have owned a Grima piece.
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October 6, 2016 3:32 am  #3

Re: QEII-47 The Queen’s Carved Ruby Brooch

47. The Queen’s Carved Ruby Brooch (also know as the Grima Ruby Brooch)

Queen Elizabeth II - Dec 2007 - HM's annual Christmas broadcast

Queen Elizabeth II - Dec 1986 - HM wears the Grima Ruby Brooch 21 years earlier

Queen Elizabeth II - 24 Dec 2000 - on yet another Christmas outing

Queen Elizabeth II - 17 May 2011 - during HM's historic visit to Ireland

Queen Elizabeth II - 05 Nov 2015 - an away day in Gloucestershire



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