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May 2, 2016 2:52 pm  #1

QEII-45 The Queen’s City of London Lily Brooch

This message #1 was written by Boffer pre-2013.

45. The Queen’s City of London Lily Brooch

   On the 11 June 1947, The Queen, whilst still Princess Elizabeth, was granted the Freedom of the City of London. To mark the occasion, as part of the ceremony at the Guildhall, The Queen was presented with a diamond brooch, which has been described as “a lily” by both Field and Young; The Times described it as “an antique English diamond spray brooch with a design of three leaves and a bird, dating from 1760”.[1]

   This brooch is worn often by The Queen.[2]

1. The Times, 12 June 1947, p. 7
2. Young, The Queen’s Jewellery, pl. 23


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