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May 25, 2015 4:34 pm  #1

Sweden - Reference list - discussion, suggestions and recommendations

So i tought we could have one for Swedem
There is not many books wrotten on the subject


Drottning Silvias festklänningar : och de kungliga smyckerna
(Queen Silvias Nobeldresses : and the royal jewles)
By Cay Bond and Göran Alm (2006)
ISBN : 978917351306 

Juvelerne i det danske kongehus
(Jewlery in the danish royal house)
By Bjarne Steen Jensen (2010)
ISBN : 8717071437

Exhibition catalogue

Smycken för drottningar tillhöriga de Bernadotteska stiftelserna: Stockholms slott 1976-1977
(Jewlery for Swedish queens belonging to the Bernadotte Foundation)
By Göran Alm, Stig Fogemarck och Lis Granslund
Ståthållarämbetet. Libris 3277116


Kungliga Journalen 1982- nr 1 (jewlery upclose)

Royal court
Crown princess wedding 2010; The bride - Queen and princess - The kings sisters 
Princess wedding 2012; The bride - Queen and crown princess - The kings sisters
Prince wedding 2015; The birde - Queen, crown princess and princess - The kings sisters


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