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April 2, 2016 6:53 pm  #1

TBF-QEQM-22 Queen Elizabeth's Marquise Diamond South African Ring

22. Queen Elizabeth’s Marquise Diamond South African Ring

   During the Royal Family’s tour of South Africa in 1947, Queen Elizabeth was presented with a large unset marquise-cut diamond. This was displayed at St. James’s Palace later that year, alongside the other presents that the Royal Family had received from the Government of the Union of South Africa and the De Beers Mining Company, as part of the exhibition of Princess Elizabeth's wedding presents.[1]

   Field describes this as “a marquise-cut diamonds of 8.5-carats that [Queen Elizabeth] subsequently had set into a ring”.[2]

   It is likely that The Queen later inherited this diamond ring in 2002. However, it has been suggested that this marquise-cut diamond was later used as the central marquise stone in the alterations carried out to ‘The Greville Tiara’ in 1953.

1. Marriage of HRH The Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten RN: List of Wedding Gifts, (London: St. James’s Palace, 1947), p. xvi
2. Field, The Queen’s Jewels, p. 138



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