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Queen Victoria’s Garter Bar Brooch

   Queen Victoria's Garter Bow Brooch is item 39. Queen Victoria's Garter Bow Brooch in Boffer's files. However, he did post the following on Royal Jewels of the World Message Board.

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Posted by Boffer on January 15, 2012, 6:53 am, in reply to "Bar Brooches"
The shorter Bar Brooch of 10 stones was made by Rundell, Bridge & Co in 1838 for Queen Victoria.

What is of note about this brooch is that it is not considered a piece of jewellery.

In the 2010 exhibition on Victoria & Albert: Art & Love, and the accompanying literature by Marsden, this brooch was included in the "insignia" section. And it is now firmly regarded as part of the Garter insignia, and not necessary as a brooch or piece of jewellery.

This 10 stone Bar Brooch was originally made as two separate bars, to be worn to fix the sash at the front and back of the shoulder, however they were later remodelled in Queen Victoria's lifetime, to form one single brooch.

This brooch was used by Queen Alexandra as part of her Garter insignia, and then by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who used it as part of her Garter insignia and retained use of it until her death in 2002.

The 14 stones Bar Brooch, first appeared on Queen Mary, and it is likely that this was commissioned when she was created as a Lady of the Garter as part of her insignia, to attach the sash at the top of her shoulder, as Queen Victoria's brooch was retained by Queen Alexandra.

The 14 stone Bar Brooch then passed to the Queen, who used it as part of her insignia too, often wearing it at the back of the sash, so not visible from the front.

Since 2002, the Queen has had access to both the 10 stone Bar Brooch and the 14 Stone Bar Brooch, although it is not clear which one she wears as she is rarely photographed from behind.
HM also wears the Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch to attach her Garter Sash at the back occasionally.


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