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Posted by deltaville
July 16, 2015 1:54 pm

I have found twenty brooches worn by The Queen that contain pearls but if I have missed any, please let me know, thankyou Annie.

1.  Duchess of Cambridge Pearl, Pendant Brooch;   This brooch originates from a former Duchess of Cambridge, born Princess Augusta of Hesse, who married King George III`s son, Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge.  Their daughter Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, later Duchess of Teck was Queen Mary`s mother.  Queen Mary inherited this brooch from her grandmother, via her mother & when she died in 1953, left it with many of her jewels to her grandaughter,  QEII. It is one of the Queen`s favourite & most worn brooches. The Pendant drop is removable but is mostly worn complete.



Princess Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge in 1877 wearing the brooch in a painting by Heinrich von Angeli.


Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck wearing the brooch as a pendant from her necklace.


Queen Mary, when Princess of Wales wearing the Cambridge Pearl brooch at the Opening of Parliament in Melbourne, Australia in 1901.


Queen Mary wearing the brooch at the christening of Prince Charles in 1948.


The Queen recording her Christmas message in December 2014.

2.  Empress Marie Feodorovna`s sapphire & pearl brooch;  Originally this brooch was a wedding gift to Princess Dagmar of Denmark in 1866 when she married Emperor Alexander of Russia, from her sister & brother-in-law, The Prince & Princess of Wales (the future King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra) Queen Mary bought the brooch from Empress Marie`s estate in 1930. The Empress had died in 1939 in Denmark where she had returned after the Russian revolution. The brooch has a cabochon sapphire surrounded by two rows of diamonds with a large drop shaped pearl suspended from another collet diamond. Queen Mary used to wear it & since her death in 1953, it has been worn regularly by the Queen. It is generally worn in its complete from but can be worn without the pearl drop.



Empress Marie (wearing the brooch & facing the camera) with her father King Christian IX of Denmark & two sisters Princesses Alexandra & Thrya.

Queen Mary wearing the Empress Marie sapphire & pearl brooch.


Queen Elizabeth II wearing the brooch over the years.


The Queen in Glasgow in July 2015.

3.  The Kensington Bow brooch;  A large diamond bow from which a detachable, very large baroque, oriental pearl is suspended from the centre. The brooch was a wedding present to the future Queen Mary in 1893. It was designed by Collingwood & Co. & given by the people of Kensington, London.  Queen Mary wore it on many occasions including two coronations, that of Edward VII & her own, perhaps a symbol of her childhood home, Kensington Palace. It was bequeathed to The Queen in 1953 & she has worn it regularly over the years, especially at evening events or rememberance services.



Queen Mary when she was Duchess of York wearing the Kensington Bow brooch as well as (No 6, The Richmond brooch)


The Queen over the years wearing the Kensington Bow brooch in the evening.


Queen Mary wearing the Kensington Bow brooch.


The Queen attending a State banquet in Estonia in 2006.


The Queen wearing the Kensington Bow brooch to the Queen Mother`s funeral in April 2002.


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Posted by deltaville
July 16, 2015 2:00 pm

4.  Pearl Floral Spray brooch;  This attractive brooch features a large round "bouton" shaped pearl set in a diamond leaf spray design with some small diamond flowers. The Queen has not been seen to wear this brooch for some time, it was mostly seen in the 1980s.


Pearl Floral Spray brooch in 1983.


Queen Elizabeth II in the 1980s.


5.  Pearl & Diamond Trefoil brooch;  One of the Queen`s favourite brooches, she has been wearing this brooch regularly for many years, at least since the 1980s & it matches nearly any outfit.  It has three top loops which mimic the three fold design in architecture etc... Sometimes this brooch has been referred to as quatrefoil as their is a fourth lower scroll detail,  but it does differ from the top three. It includes five pearls, the largest in the centre, plus one on each side cradled in the curved diamond setting.



The Queen wearing the brooch in the 1980s.


Queen Elizabeth II about 2002.


The Queen recording her Christmas broadcast from the Chapel in Buckingham Palace in December 2005.


The Queen at Westminister Abbey in May 2010.

6.  The Richmond Brooch;  This is quite a large dramatic brooch & was first given to the future Queen Mary to mark her wedding to Prince George, Duke of York (later George V) in 1893 from the town of Richmond. Queen Mary`s Teck family were long-time residents of White Lodge in Richmond Park.  The brooch is made of gold, set with diamonds surrounding a large, central, round pearl. It also has a pear-shaped drop pearl suspended from a diamond collet. It can be worn with or without the drop pearl. The Queen inherited the brooch when her grandmother died in 1953.



Queen Mary wearing the Richmond brooch when she was Duchess of York.


The Queen attending a banquet at the Royal Palace in Oslo, during a State visit to Norway in May 2001.


The Queen wearing the Richmond brooch over the years.

The Queen laying a wreath in Bratislava during a State visit to Slovakia on 23rd October 2008.


The Queen hosting a State banquet at Windsor Castle for the President of India on 27th Oct 2009.

7.  The Duchess of Teck`s, Emperor of Austria brooch;  (which used to be known as the Teck corsage brooch)  This brooch was a gift to Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck when the Emperor of Austria stood as Goodfather for her son, Prince Francis of Teck in 1870. Francis received the brooch after his mother`s death in 1897 but when he died suddenly (without heirs) in 1910, his sister Queen Mary retrieved their mother`s jewels from Francis` mistress.  The brooch has a large round pearl in the centre, surrounded by diamonds in a basket weave design, with 12 larger brilliant diamonds around the outside. Suspended below is a u shaped diamond chain, with more diamonds & three large drop shaped pearls. The Queen inherited this brooch from Queen Mary in 1953 & has worn it over the years with or without the detachable diamond chain & drop pearls.



Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck wearing the Emperor of Austria brooch.


The Queen wearing the brooch while holding baby, Prince Edward in 1964.


The Queen hosting a banquet for President Obama in May 2011.


The Queen attending Day 3 of Royal Ascot races, wearing the Emperor of Austria brooch without the diamond chain & drop pearls on 21st June 2012.


Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Duchess of Teck`s, Emperor of Austria brooch, without the chain & pendants to hold her sash at the back during the State visit, in Berlin, Germany on 24th June 2015.

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Posted by deltaville
July 16, 2015 2:01 pm

8.  The Pearl Triangular Brooch;  So called by Leslie Field due to its unusual outline shape but it looks old enough to have a more historical name? It has two quite large baroque pearls & a yellow diamond, set in an ornate, vertical, diamond frame. It possibly came from Queen Mary`s collection as the Queen seems to have worn it since about 1953 on a fairly regular basis.


The Queen wearing the Pearl Triangular brooch over the years.


Queen Elizabeth II wearing the brooch about the 1980s.


The Queen attending the Gurkha Pageant to celebrate their 200th anniversary in London on 9th June 2015.

9.  Queen Mary`s Women of Hampshire or Harebell brooch;  This brooch made by Garrard & Co. was presented to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck (Queen Mary) on her marriage, on behalf of the women of Hampshire by a committee chaired by the Duchess of Wellington. It started as a pendant but Queen Mary converted it to a brooch, it features a large brilliant with a foliate spray above & has a hinged loop so that it can still be used as a pendant. Suspended below the top feature are three harebell flowers depicted in diamonds, from which hang a central drop pendant pearl with a pear-shaped diamond pendant on either side. The pearl & diamond drops are detachable. Queen Mary bequeathed the brooch to the Queen in 1953 & she wears it every now & again.



Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth II both wearing the Women of Hampshire/Harebell brooch.


A harebell flower, otherwise known as a bluebell.


Queen Mary wearing the "Women of Hampshire" brooch on her collar.

The Queen hosting a reception for The Queen`s Award for Enterprise at Buckingham Palace on 19th July 2010.

10.  The Greville Scroll Brooch;  This petite pearl & diamond Art-Deco brooch was made by Cartier in 1929 & was part of the bequest from Mrs Ronnie Greville to Queen Elizabeth in 1942. It takes the form of a horizontal C-scroll, set in platinum with eight large, & numerous smaller brilliants. It has two large pearls in the centre suspending a pave-set pearl drop, which can be worn either way up. The Queen Mother & The Queen both seem to wear it with the "drop" pearl on the top. QEQM wore this brooch in the day or evening & even on her hat, she left the brooch with most of her jewels to the Queen in 2002 who has since worn the brooch to a few daytime events.



Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother wearing the Greville Scroll brooch over the years.


The Queen in Perth, Western Australia on 27th October 2011.


Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother on her 98th birthday, 4th August 1998.


The Queen in Canberra, Australia in October 2011.

11.  The Courtauld Thomson Scallop Shell Brooch;  This beautiful brooch was made in 1919 to the design of Lord Courtauld by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. Ltd. It is made of white gold, diamonds & a pearl.  Lord Courtauld`s sister Winifred Hope left it to The Queen Mother in 1944 "as a mark of respect & profound admiration".  This brooch became one of the Queen Mother`s favourites.  It is formed as a scallop shell, entirely pave-set with brilliants & with a single large pearl at the base of the "shell", suspending 5 unequal pampilles, or articulated drops, set with square-cut diamonds & ending in pear-shaped pendant drops.  Since 2002, the Queen has often been seen wearing this brooch & it is becoming one of her favourite "occasion" brooches, such as to her grandaughter Zara`s wedding & Royal Ascot.



Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother in a parade to celebrate her 100th birthday 2000.


Queen Elizabeth II unvieling a statue of her mother in London in February 2009.


The Queen at Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall`s wedding on 30th July 2011.


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July 16, 2015 2:02 pm

12.  Queen Alexandra`s Wedding brooch;  also known as the Triple Drop Pearl brooch.  This magnificent brooch has a bow-centred oval outline, set with one large & two slightly smaller round pearls encircled with diamonds, the outer border has twenty large brilliants, suspending three detachable diamonds & pear-shaped baroque pearls. The central bouton pearl, framed by fourteen brilliants is also detachable. This brooch together with a matching necklace, earrings & a diamond tiara was a wedding present to Alexandra from her husband, the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) in 1863.  Queen Mary received the brooch, necklace & matching earrings after Queen Alexandra died in 1925, when Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother) became Queen, she was given the necklace in 1936 which she used frequently for the rest of her life.  Queen Elizabeth II was bequeathed the earrings & brooch from Queen Mary in 1953 & although the earrings have been used regularly, the brooch has only been worn on rare occasions.  Since 2002 the Queen also has the necklace but she has not given it an outing yet.



Queens Alexandra, Mary & Elizabeth II all wearing Queen Alexandra`s Triple Pearl Wedding brooch.


Queen Alexandra when Princess of Wales wearing her Wedding brooch.

The Queen at a Garden Party in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 24th June 2014.

13.  Queen Victoria`s Diamond Jubilee Brooch;  This brooch was a gift to Queen Victoria on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee from her personal staff. Queen Victoria left it to the Crown for the use of future Queens, (so this brooch is also covered in my list of "Brooches worn by the Queen that were Heirlooms of the Crown") & it passed successively to Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary & in 1936 to Queen Elizabeth but it stayed with the Queen Mother until 2002, being one of her favourite brooches.  It is a brooch of diamonds & pearls, set in gold with a hanging diamond chain from which is suspended a tear drop pearl. QEQM tended to wear the brooch complete with the chain but QEII who received the brooch in 2002 likes to wear it without the chain in the daytime & with it on in the evening.  It seems Queens Alexandra & Mary did not make use of this brooch, at least I can`t find a photo of either of them wearing it ?



Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother wearing the Queen Victoria, Diamond Jubilee brooch over the years.

The Queen wearing the QV Diamond Jubilee brooch in Canada in 2010 & the Maundy service, Derby Cathedral also in 2010.

14.  Maple Leaves Brooch with Pearl;  A large brooch that looks like a corsage of six maple leaves, made of gold & enamel using blended autumn colours of pink, green & yellow. The leaves are edged with diamonds & the stem comes together with a single pearl, in a diamond setting.  The Queen wore this brooch on her last official visit to Canada in summer 2010. According to Leslie Field it was probably a gift to Queen Mary, while visiting Canada from the ladies of Montreal in 1901, when she was Duchess of York & Cornwall.



Queen Elizabeth II in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on 29th June 2010.


The Queen in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on 5th July 2010.


The Queen wearing the maple corsage brooch the other way around, while visiting Pinewood studios & viewing something in 3D, in Toronto, Canada on 5th July 2010.

15.  Queen Victoria`s Crown, Diamond & Eleven Pearl Brooch;  This lovely pearl brooch has a large central oval pearl, set in a diamond shaped, swirly pattern sprinkled with diamonds & surrounded by seven, perfect round pearls, with another three pearls suspended below. The largest one in the centre is slightly pear-shaped & suspended from another diamond, while the two on either side are more round. Although QV designated this brooch to the Crown, it was one of the Queen Mothers favourites & she used it until her death in 2002. The Queen didn`t start wearing this brooch until 2009 but lately it seems to have become a favourite with her also. (This brooch is also mentioned in my list of Brooches belonging to The Queen that are Heirlooms of the Crown.)



Queen Victoria wearing her Pearl & Diamond brooch with three pendants in 1887.

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother wearing the QV pearl brooch over the years.

The Queen with the Ceremonial Gurkha Truncheon given to the Gurkha Rifles in 1863 by Queen Victoria. Pictured on 10th June 2015.


The Queen attending a service at St Pauls Cathedral to commemorate the troops leaving Afghanistan on 13th March 2015.


Presenting awards for the "Queen`s Young Leaders" on 22nd June 2015.


Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother attending a luncheon at the Guildhall, London for the Queen & Prince Philip`s Golden wedding anniversary on 19th November 1997.


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July 18, 2015 8:22 pm

16.  The New Zealand Blue Pearl brooch;  The Queen was presented with this brooch by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr John Key when he visited the Queen at Balmoral in Scotland in September 2013. The brooch comes from Eyris Pearls in Christchurch, N.Z.  It includes a large blue pearl surrounded by a design in the shape of a flower. The colours of the metal vary from yellow gold, white & a slightly oxidised silver. The pearl which comes from the New Zealand, Paua Abalone is framed by 18 marquise diamonds, three in each petal.


The Queen opening the refurbished Reading Railway Station, Berkshire on 17th July 2014.


The 1st outing for the brooch was at a reception for Commonwealth representatives ahead of CHOGM on 28th October 2013.


The Queen at the opening of Reading Railway on 17th July 2014.

17.  The Saskatchewan Flower Brooch;  The Queen was presented with a new brooch representing Saskatchewan, Canada during an audience with the Province`s Lieutenant Governor on 17th October 2013. Made by Saskatchewan designer Rachel Mielke of Hillberg & Berk, as described by the Lieutenant Governor`s office;  "An 18k white gold brooch in the shape of a flower with five petals of Madagascar tourmaline, in shades of pink, with a central white fresh water, cultured pearl, all surrounded by 300 diamonds (1.527 carats in all)."  The Queen 1st wore the brooch to church in Norfolk in 2014 & has since worn it on quite a few occasions.


The Queen wearing the brooch out the 1st time to church at West Newton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk on 2nd February 2014.


The Queen talking to her jockey at Royal Ascot races on 20th June 2014.


The Queen visiting Holyport Free school near Eton College, Windsor in November 2014.

18.  Pearl & Diamond Cluster brooch;  A large round pearl framed with about 30 small diamonds, then these are framed by another twelve larger diamonds, with some more small diamonds on the edge between each of the larger diamonds. The design of this brooch is very similar to the diamond-pearl clusters in Queen Alexandra`s wedding necklace, also Queen Victoria had some brooches in this style, so this brooch probably goes back to these times. It is different to the top of the Cambridge pearl pendant brooch which is worn occasionally without the pearl drop. The Cambridge has fourteen large diamonds were as, this brooch has twelve.


The Pearl & Diamond cluster brooch pictured in Angela Kelly`s book.


Some of Queen Alexandra, when Princess of Wales wedding gifts, including the 8 cluster pearl & diamond necklace with matching earrings & the Triple drop pearl brooch from The Prince of Wales, as well as two pearl & diamond cluster brooches probably from the ladies of Manchester. This brooch could possibly be one of these?

Queen Alexandra wearing pearl & diamond cluster brooch below her Triple Drop wedding brooch.


Queen Victoria wearing a pearl & diamond cluster brooch with her Diamond Jubilee, pearl & diamond cluster necklace.


Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Mary having a cup of tea in Cheltenham on 5th August 1942. She is wearing a pearl & diamond cluster brooch but it is hard to tell which one? Although the earrings look like Queen Alexandra`s wedding earrings.

19.  The Bridge of Tay Brooch;   This brooch was presented to the Queen after she opened a new bridge over the river Tay, in Perth, Scotland on 10th October 1960. It is made in the form of a miniature flower bouquet with seven amethyst buds, surrounded by white & gold ferns & grasses along with a central group of mauve tinted, freshwater pearls from the river Tay.



The Queen at the Windsor Horse Show in 1995.


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July 20, 2015 8:24 pm

20.  Two Swimming Swans brooch;  This brooch was first seen when the Queen wore it to Day 1 of Royal Ascot races in June 2014. The brooch was reported as being, a very special brooch by G Collins & Son of two pearl & diamond swans.  The brooch depicts two swimming swans, the smaller swan in front. The swans bodies are large freshwater baroque pearls in a creamy white. The swan`s tails, necks & heads, as well as the water is depicted in circular-cut diamonds. (abt 2.25 carats), the brooch is made of platinum & gold with some black enamel accents.


The Queen arriving for Day 1 of Royal Ascot races on 17th June 2014.

The Queen at Royal Ascot races on 17th June 2014.


The Queen during Holyrood week in Scotland July 2015.


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